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Fort Wide Tread 'Spartan' Mobile Steps

£547.14 £455.95
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  • Extra wide treads: 750W x 180Dmm
  • Welded expanded steel platform & treads
  • Full handrails both sides of the steps
  • Platform handrail height - 1000mm

With extra wide treads of 750W x 180D mm, the Spartan mobile warehouse steps are ideal for lifting larger objects manually. Top platform size varies based on number of overall steps: 3 to 9 steps - 800W x 400Dmm, 10 to 15 steps - 800W x 460Dmm. Easy slope 48 degree angle which is for use in areas where there is space available, enabling you to turn around & descend the steps facing forward. Welded expanded steel platform & treads with full handrails both sides of the steps. The unit incorporate kick boards on 3 sides of the platform & knee rails around the platform. Mobile on 2 x 200mm black rubber tyred wheels & 2 x 125mm rubber tyred castors mounted on the easy action unique grip lift mechanism. 6 step units & above are sent folded for delivery.


No. of treads: 3 - Platform Height 690mm - Full dimensions: 1690h x 960w x 1065d mm

No. of treads: 4 - Platform Height 920mm - Full dimensions: 1920h x 960w x 1270d mm

No. of treads: 5 - Platform Height 1150mm - Full dimensions: 2150h x 960w x 1475d mm

No. of treads: 6 - Platform Height 1380mm - Full dimensions: 2380h x 980w x 1680d mm

No. of treads: 7 - Platform Height 1610mm - Full dimensions: 2610h x 1030w x 1885d mm

No. of treads: 8 - Platform Height 1840mm - Full dimensions: 2840h x 1080w x 2090d mm

No. of treads: 9 - Platform Height 2070mm - Full dimensions: 3070h x 1130w x 2295d mm

No. of treads: 10 - Platform Height 2300mm - Full dimensions: 3300h x 1180w x 2560d mm

No. of treads: 11 - Platform Height 2530mm - Full dimensions: 3530h x 1230w x 2765d mm

No. of treads: 12 - Platform Height 2760mm - Full dimensions: 3760h x 1280w x 2970d mm

No. of treads: 13 - Platform Height 2990mm - Full dimensions: 3990h x 1320w x 3175d mm

No. of treads: 14 - Platform Height 3220mm - Full dimensions: 4220 h x 1360w x 3380d mm

No. of treads: 15 - Platform Height 3450mm - Full dimensions: 4450h x 1400w x 3585d mm

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