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HydroSack Flood Protection - 240 packs - 1 full pallet

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  • UK & Europe’s best-selling sandless sandbag for flood protection
  • Absorbs up to 20kg of water in 2-3 minutes
  • Dimensions: 480W x 600L mm
  • UK designed & made

What is a Hydrosack?

HydroSack sandless sandbags are a new, modern method to create a highly effective barrier against floodwaters. Perfect for both domestic and commercial properties. Since its launch in 2012, it has fast become the UK & Europe’s best selling sandless sandbag for domestic & commercial flood protection.

How do they work?

Each Hydrosack expands when it comes in contact with water, absorbing 15-20 litres of water. Once fully saturated the Hydrosack retains its contents for up to 6 months, becoming a flood barrier that is perfect for preventing the passage of water.

Why choose a Hydrosack over a traditional sandbag?

As a flood defence, traditional sandbags are less effective than Hydrosacks at preventing the passage of water once deployed. Should the flood waters remain over an extended period, traditional sandbags are considerably more vulnerable to being damaged and losing their structure, while each Hydrosack's polypropylene outer with hydrophilic finish can retain its durability for up to 6 months.

During storage, holding stocks of sandbags is a simple task, however keeping the required sand readily available can be a cumbersome endeavour, plus obtaining the sand during an emergency flood warning can prove difficult. If not stored in perfectly dry conditions, hessian or jute sandbags can rot, while woven poly-fabric based bags will degrade after a short time in sunlight. Hydrosacks have a shelf life of 5+ years and are considerably more resilient to degrading during storage.

During deployment of the flood defences, filling a traditional sandbag is a labour intensive process, and the heavy weight of each sandbag can be a difficult task for even the able-bodied to position correctly within the wall structure. In contrast, preparing a Hydrosack is a simple case of pouring water over the Hydrosack until it has expanded. Once prepared, each Hydrosack will have a weight comparable to a filled sandbag, but the two strong handles makes manoeuvring and positioning the Hydrosacks much easier.

After use, disposal of the sand from traditional sandbags can be a costly expense. If filled using clean water, each Hydrosack can simply be slit and emptied in to soil without any harmful effects. The Hydrosack itself is degradable and can be disposed of without harm to the environment.

What water should be used to fill a Hydrosack?

While each Hydrosack can absorb both hose water or flood water, it is suggested that a hose is used to prepare them to make disposal easier. While traditional sandbags will soak and retain the contents of dirty floodwater, the Hydrosacks will not retain any further water once fully saturated. Because of this, if they are filled with hose water, the contents can simply be released in to soil after use without any harmful effects. If erecting a water barrier is extremely time sensitive, the Hydrosack will function perfectly by saturating them quickly in the flood waters, however in this case, extra care must be taken during disposal as any sewage or contaminants in the water will be absorbed in to the Hydrosack.


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