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Dexion Pallet Pull-Out Units

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With such a large variety of configurations available for Dexion pallet pull-out racking, we have Dexion experts with over 30 years in the trade available to discuss your requirements to ensure you get the best pallet pull-out racking system to suit your warehouse needs. Please call us on 01952 273888 during standard workday hours and we will ensure you get the best warehouse racking design that Dexion has to offer.

Pallet pull-out at a glance:

  • Safe ergonomic picking
  • 3 side access
  • up to 1000kg loading
  • Easy access
  • Floor or beam mounted

Please Note:

While this product is listed as 'out of stock', the products mentioned are available and delivery dates can be discussed over the phone.

Dexion Pull-Out Pallet Units

Within an optimised and efficient warehouse every item should be stored correctly and yet also be easily accessible. Dexion has therefore designed the pull-out unit to allow fast, but easy picking and storage of small or heavy items within the main pallet racking structure.

Efficient & Ergonomic

Racking pull-out units are an important part of a highly efficient picking operation. They are designed to be pulled out of the racking with very little force, while containing a full load of up to 1000kg.

Optimised Picking

You no longer need to remove items from their original pallet, goods can be stored on the pallet pull out unit & picked by hand directly from the racking. Releasing the safety catch and pulling on the unit's handle results in the pallet and its goods being brought out of the rack, in to the aisle, making them accessible from 3 sides for hand picking.

  • Available to suit CHEP pallets & Euro pallets as standard.
  • To suit custom sized pallet dimensions please call for a design check.
  • RAL finish 5010


Pull-out units are available either floor or beam mounted, with the option of 2-way movement for single deep racking.

All units are supplied with bal bearing runners for smooth operation with stoppers at the front and back.

The pallet pull-out units can be tailored according to the type of goods, their weight/volume and their required position within the rack, in order to obtain optimum efficiency and the correct height for picking.

The unit itself has a height of 160mm and once extended, the units protrude from the racking by 730mm.


Designed to fulfil the stringent requirements of EN, FEM as well as conforming to SEMA codes for pallet racknig.

To talk to an expert or make an order:

If you would like to discuss your pallet racking requirements with a Dexion expert or to make an order, call us on 01952 273888 during standard workday hours and we will be happy to help!

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