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Probe UltraBox Plus+ Two Door Plastic Lockers - Waterproof

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  • Height: 1800mm
  • Width: 325mm
  • Depth: 450mm

MDPE 2 door Probe UltraBox Plus plastic lockers which are anti-bacterial & fully recyclable. Choice of water resistant cam locks or water resistant hasp locks are included. This model can be made fully waterproof with the optional 'fully waterproof cam lock' or 'fully waterproof coin return lock'. All 'Plus' plastic lockers come with a neoprene seal to ensure locker doors have a virtual watertight seal. Please note, our range of plastic lockers is on a 10-15 working day lead time.

  • Watertight neoprene door seals.
  • UV resistant with HALS (hindered amine light stabiliser) moulded in.
  • Robust design to resist dents and scratches.
  • Strong hidden hinges fitted with high tensile pins.
  • Compartment Drain Holes to allow water to drain out, ideal for cleaning.

Delivery Estimate:

delivery estimate

Material Specification:

locker material Lockers made from MDPE (Medium High Density Polyethylene) Carcass, Doors and Shelves
The material can work in severe climate conditions, from -29oC to 40oC

Ultra Violet Protection (UV):

uv protection By adding a UV stabilizer HALS (hindered anime light stabilizer UV15) PE material can last up to 15 years in Northern Europe, however this time may vary in harsh environments, such as deserts.
Products without UV protection would become brittle over time and colour would fade.

Food Grade Plastic Lockers:

food grade plastic lockers The material in this produce is safe for food contact. The food safe symbol generally assures that the container surface is free of any toxic contaminants which could be contacted from the manufacturing process and that the material the container is made of shall not potentially become a source of toxic contamination through usage.

Product Guarantee:

10 year locker guarantee Probe warrants each new UltraBox locker unit purchased to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year, and be free from rust, delamination or breakage of any plastic components for a period of 10 years under normal use.
Repair and replacement of any Ultrabox locker unit or part which Probe Locker's inspection shows to have been defective within the limitations of this warranty. This warranty does not cover labour charges and does not apply to any damage caused by accident, abuse, improper installation, improper maintenance, or altered in any way.

ActiveCoat Anti-Microbial Resistance:

activecoat locker protection A new, hardwearing, powder coating containing elemental silver ionically bonded in to a bio-compatible ceramic material known as Zeolite. This impedes the growth and migration of potentially harmful bacteria, mould, fungi, yeast, algae and more; reducing the risk of cross contamination from surface to surface. Especially suitable where stringent hygiene standards are required, such as health care, educational, catering and retail changing rooms.
  • 99.9% reduction of E-Coli & MRSA super bug
  • 100% safe to humans
  • Fully effective for the life of the coating
  • Available with all of Probe's colour range

All Probe products come as standard with ActiveCoat anti-bacterial powder coating. In addition, all plastic components used in the manufacture of probe products incorporate a silver based anti-bacterial agent.

Care of product:

To provide plastic lockers with the proper care and maintenance, the following instructions must be followed:

  • All surfaces should be cleaned with a mild soap only.
  • The finish should then be wiped and dried.
  • In areas containing showers, either self-contained or tiled-in units, the lockers in these rooms must receive ventiliation from the outside so that humidity can escape.

Under no circumstances should the following agents be used:

  • Abrasive powder or scouring pads
  • Ceramic tile cleaners
  • Solutions containing more than 1% by volume of ammonia
  • Solutions containing acids or lye
  • Solutions containing enzymes

If the above 'care of product' instructions are adhered to, this product will provide years of dependable service. Probe storage does not accept responsibility for product failure if the above instructions are not followed.

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