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  1. Anco Z Rivet Racking
    Anco Z Rivet Racking
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  2. dexion z rivet racking
    Anco Rivet Racking
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Warehouse Shelving

Having heavy duty shelving ensures your warehouse is prepared for almost any storage eventuality. While pallet racking does the job for storing heavy palletised loads, our Longspan shelving ensures even the heaviest of unpalletised materials can be stored safely and efficently without hassle. With a huge variety of widths and depths, plus the ability to create long runs of shelving bays by using one starter and several addon bays, you can easily configure an optimised heavy duty shelving system to best utilize your warehouse space. Want to ensure your getting the most from your space? We're experts at getting the optimal shelving capacity from the available warehouse space, so give us a call on 01952 273 888 and see how we can help!

Longspan Shelving

Long span shelving solutions are ideal for all heavy duty storage purposes due to having no size limits. Created by long and wide shelves, the units are the fastest way to build a rigid, resilient, heavy duty and high-capacity storage option.

The build and modular design is simple yet effective and uninterrupted span goes up to 2700mm; ideal for storing large and bulky items including boxes, tubes or cabling. All shelves are easily adjusted and are compliant with European guidelines.

Heavy duty shelving

If it's heavy duty warehouse shelving you’re after look no further. SSP’s longspan shelving bays have a UDL weight capacity per shelf ranging from 240kg, to upwards of 380kg. Tested and trusted in warehouses across the UK, we've installed shelving for big companies such as Makita, Epson, DHL and JCB to name a few. If you're interested in joining them and using our shelving systems in your warehouses, call us today!

Office Shelving

Shelving is a cost effective storage solution for businesses and individuals alike who are looking to store large quantities of goods, yet still retain easy access to them. Our selection of 'Rivet Shortspan Shelving' is ideal for office environments, including archives and stores. They are all constructed to have weight capacities suitable for heavy stacks of paperwork, so will also be suitable for storing tools, computer parts, filing and much more. To see our range of office shelving, simply select 'rivet shortspan shelving' from the shelving type filter on the left.

At SSP we have designed 'Mammoth Shelving' - A shelving unit that is fast to assemble, robust, cost effective, and most importantly, ideal for almost any working environment. We’re always happy to display how resilient our shelving units are, you will be surprised by how rigid they are for the price – call us on 01952 273888 during standard working hours and will would love to answer any questions you might have about our Mammoth shelving range!

Shelving Delivered To You

We store the majority of our shelving in Telford, West Midlands, however we utilise UK wide courier services to deliver our shelving all accross the country. If you happen to be local to Telford or the surrounding area, why not give us a call and we can arrange on-site visits to ensure you get the best shelving to suit your companies needs.

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